Minwen Wu

Minwen Wu


About me

Minwen Wu is my name. It’s the pinyin form of my Chinese name吴敏文. I’m 52 years old, Australian citizen, bilingual with Chinese Mandarin and English, with law and science degrees. I was born in late 1967 in central Zhejiang China, and migrated to Australia in late 2002. I have since been living in east Melbourne with family and I moved to Box Hill earlier this year. I have two teenage daughters born and raised locally in Melbourne. Was an dedicated ALP member from 2015 until early 2019 when resigning to be a non-partisan individual, politically free and independent.

I have been active in the community in the last 10 years or so. In 2015, I successfully advocated for changing the traffic sign on David St, a main road in central Dandenong, to streamline the traffic flows in peak time. Since 2012 I served consecutively on local school councils for Dandenong West Primary School, Dandenong North Primary School and Dandenong High School. I was a candidate for Red Gum ward in 2016 City of Greater Dandenong (CGD) Council election. I served on CGD Cultural Heritage Committee from 2017-2019, and CGD Multicultural and People Seeking Asylum Advisory Committee from September 2019.

Within the Melbourne Chinese community, I have also been active in the last six years or so, often through Wechat. In September 2015, I was a leading figure in the heated online Wechat discussion & debate about a Box Hill pet supply shop incident.  The debate could have involved a quarter or so Chinese Australian population in Melbourne. From late 2018 through 2019, I was instrumental in establishing CAMA -the Chinese Australian Multicultural Association in Box Hill. Teamed up with my friend Mr Alex Geers etc, we founded bi-lingual English and Mandarin conversation corner in Box Hill Gardens from 02/2019 to 12/2019, which was growing strong until the pandemic.

Over the years I helped many Chinese new migrants and students who are often hindered by language barriers and baffled by the new environment, including some in Box Hill. I’ve been also an active volunteer with Australian Emergency Assistance Association Inc and the Anna Charity Foundation etc.

In the earlier months of 2020, many Chinese Australian groups and individuals frantically rushed to help Victoria and Australia to fight the coronavirus, including donating masks and money, writing to authorities to stop F1 event etc. I set up dedicated Wechat groups, and volunteered coordinating among various groups, including CALAC-Chinese Australian League AgainstCovid-19, Hubei Association, Anna Foundation, ABAW-Asian Business Association of Whitehorse and AUS-CHN Covid-19 Fundraising etc. I contributed to better communication and cooperation, i.e. I passed the info around when SBS tried to tally the Chinese donation. I connected Hubei Assn to CALAC medical scientists for the donation of oxygen concentrators to hospitals. I helped channeling a $15k or so donation from individuals into Box Hill Hospital to buy ECMO.

I’m passionate of Chinese Australian’s voice and participation in local public life, especially of those who were born in mainland China like myself, and grass-root municipal public life is the best arena to learn about Australian democracy.


2007-2008 Graduate Certificate of Migration Law & Practice  ANU

1997-2000 LLM Maritime Shipping Law  Shanghai Maritime University

1985-1990 B.S. Thermophysics Engineering

USTC- University of Science & Technology of China


In China: assistant engineer in a state-owned Thermal power plant in Zhejiang. Translator and business clerk with an international trade company. Freight forwarding clerk. Lawyer with T & C Law Firm.

In Melbourne: food process worker. Welder and metal fabricator. Shop staff selling building materials. Real estate sales and business brokerage. Self-employed business consultant, and a househusband looking after two kids.

  • Political Ideology:Non-partisan Independent
  • Religion:Judeo-Christian East-Asian Philosophy
  • Date of Birth:21 November 1967
  • Born In:Zhejiang, CHINA


B.S. Thermophysics Engineering

USTC- University of Science & Technology of China


I studies the field of energy sciences which has given me a life-long appreciation for the role we play in the consumption of energy and a personal interest and focus on the opportunities developments in materials science afford as a society for waste management and mitigation, including the key role that renewable energy systems can play in our daily lives.

LLM Maritime Shipping Law

Shanghai Maritime University


After study I worked for a freight-forwarding company in Shanghai, China. This work was instrumental in my thinking about and interaction with people from other parts of the world. It was after this I determined to pursue a life in Australia after contemplating my options and the society that offered the best opportunity to participate and contribute.

Graduate Certificate of Migration Law & Practice

ANU - Australian National University


As a strong advocate for the Australian culture and Australian way of life, I spent time studying migration law and develop an understanding of multicultural society of Australia.

Political Career

Political Party Member

Australian Labor Party


Living in Australia has provided me with a deep appreciation of the process of public consultation and inclusion in the making of laws which shape and build the basis of our society and governance.

Council Candidate

City Greater Dandenong


In 2016 I was living in the South-East of Melbourne within the City of Greater Dandenong. After a lot of consideration, I ran for office in the ward of Redgum. That first experience was invaluable in understanding the needs of local residence and how to effectively advocate for my constituents.